Relax In Secluded Springs
Study In Our Stocked Library
Warm Up In Our Trophy Room
Luxuriate In Indoor Baths

Our Hingan-inspired hot springs will spirit you to far away shores! Take a load off and let the heat of Hingashi and cool breeze of the Shroud combine for a natural bathing experience like none other.

Whether you're here to research that big hunt, studying the latest developments in aetheric theory, or just looking for the latest fiction hits, you'll find it in the Rose's Mezzanine Library.

Rest off that meal from the downstairs dinner theater with a cozy seat in the Rose's Trophy Lounge. Featuring a gallery of prize hunt trophies, crackling masonwork fireplaces, and important Ul'dahn sofas for casual lounging, it's the perfect place to simply enjoy some quiet, or alternatively boast about your own hunting talents.

If a more indoor bath is your desire, luxuriate in the Rose's designer indoor bath hall. With accompanying lounge, shower, and bath bombs and scents aplenty to customize your experience, the Rose Bath Hall will have you feeling like royalty.

The Velvet Rose is a roleplaying company located on Final Fantasy XIV's Balmung server.

Please pay heed to the Rules of the Lodge!

The Velvet Rose is an 18+ Company intended primarily for adult audiences.


The Lavender Beds - Ward 18, Plot 28

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