The Velvet Rose has a long and storied history, traced back many years and passed through many hands during its journey from a back alley Ul'dah brothel to one of the realm's premiere adult entertainment clubs. Today, the Velvet Rose has reformed itself again in the hands of its longtime owner Ashe Zahra, relocating to the outskirts of Gridania in the Black Shroud.

As an adventurer turned employee of the Rose, Ashe fell in love with the luxury provided by the Ul'dah high life, but noted many felt out of place in such a high scale urban estate. So too would her wanderlust return, keeping the adventurer from settling into the estate for too long.

So it would go that once Ashe was given the opportunity to move the Rose from its Ul'dah roots, she did so with relish, buying property near her home in the forest and giving the Rose a new purpose. As the Velvet Rose Lodge, Ashe and her staff aim to provide adventurers and weary travelers the sort of rustic coziness they're used to in a favored tavern, while upping the scale of quality just enough to keep rougher sorts from feeling unwelcome.

As always, Ashe hopes the Velvet Rose provides comfort, companionship, and entertainment of all sorts to those looking for a friendly smile, an enthralling show, or just a quality cooked meal and place to pass the night away.



Questions, comments, concerns about the Rose? We want to hear from you! Please fill out this form and Moogle Mail will have it in management's hands posthaste!

The Velvet Rose is a roleplaying company located on Final Fantasy XIV's Balmung server.

Please pay heed to the Rules of the Lodge!

The Velvet Rose is an 18+ Company intended primarily for adult audiences.


The Lavender Beds - Ward 18, Plot 28

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